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B+W Diamond Main Monitoring / Meyer Sound HD1 Midfields 

AVID System 5MC Mixing Console / ProTools HD3 Accell / SSL Alpha + Delta Link's + Digidesign 192 IO with a total of 80 physical Inputs and Outputs / Apple PowerMac (ProTools HD) and Apple iMac (Logic Pro) / Neve 8816 summing mixer 

Microphones: several Brauner, Schoeps, Earthworks, Neumann, Shure, Rode, Sennheiser, AKG, EV ... 

Mic-Pre's & Recording Channels: UA LA610, UA 6176, Avalon VT737SP, Neve 1073DPD, UA4110 .... / EQ's & Dynamics: Distressor, Tube Tech, LA-2A, UA 1176LN, Chandler Curve Bender, Gyraf G10 and G14, Waves MaxxBCL, Avalon VT747 .... / FX: Lexicon L300, Eventide H4500, Bricasti M7, tc 2290, tc Fireworx, Korg SDD2000 ... & huge PlugIn collection, Sample Libary and Software Synth

Additional: MusikTaxi VP Pro, Studer DAT, Studer CD, Tascam DAT, Denon MD, ... Korg Trinity, Upright Piano, AxeFX Pro Guitar Processor, Lehmann HP PreAmp's, RTW Portamonitor, 360Systems Digicard E / Guitars + Basses: Fender, PRS, Musicman, Warwick, Taylor, Epiphone a.o.

Single Malt Recording Studio
Rotherbaum, Hamburg